Biggest prediction made by Amit Shah for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections



Bhubaneswar: According to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the BJP will garner a two-thirds majority in the next Lok Sabha. Amit Shah has also stated that he will create the next government in Odisha at the same time. During this, he criticised political parties for familyism and lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his leadership. The state is scheduled to hold assembly elections in 2024.

“I am convinced that the BJP, under the leadership of Modi, will win the 2024 Lok Sabha elections with a two-thirds majority and no one can stop it,” the home minister continued. In addition, we will create the next government in Odisha. The Home Minister also described Modi’s 30 years as an RSS pracharak and his 20 years as chief minister and prime minister. He claimed that eradicating the three evils was his greatest contribution to Indian democracy. He discussed corruption as well as family politics and appeasement. Shah also used Uttar Pradesh as an illustration. According to him, dynastic politics are coming to an end because people have rejected family politics.

Amit Shah went on to say that PM Modi deserves all the credit for this since he not only eliminated the three evils but also turned them into “politics of performance.” He claimed that Gujarat, where the BJP is in the lead in every election, is the best illustration of this. There is currently just one PM face in Indian politics—that is, Modi. Because Modi has altered the political landscape, opponents will need to reform for the better or else they will suffer resounding defeats.