Bhumika Gurung said, “Some excellent artists are not granted work because they are not confirmed on social media




renown for Nimki Mukhiya Recently, Bhumika Gurung Malhotra shared her vulnerable side on social media, writing, “Television industry… doesn’t deserve brilliant performers and good humans!” Simply put, they are unsure of what to do with such talents. Bhumika remarked, “I didn’t have an actual cause to say it, but it’s something that I have been witnessing for a while now,” when we spoke with her about this. Because they are not authenticated on social media or because they don’t have a lot of friends and followers, some extremely talented and seasoned artists are currently working from home. How can casting decisions for performers be based solely on their social media following? Observing this happening is quite upsetting. We need to go back to the time when an artist’s abilities and aptitude were valued highly. Although many actors share this sentiment, they tend not to express it.

Is she concerned about the consequences of speaking her mind? Yes, I will have to handle that. I routinely post on social media, as some people may point out. I’m doing it since managing a house is my primary source of income. But the way the sector operates needs to change. I talk to a lot of other individuals about my ideas.

In her current professional role, Bhumika plays Rani in the television series Hara Sindoor. In a prior interview, she described her character as a “strong girl with strong convictions and headstrong beliefs.” She is honest in all that she does. The show will follow a young, helpless girl as she transforms into a formidable force. I’ve always had a hankering to make a programme that will inspire women by showcasing strong women.