Bennett won’t participate in the upcoming elections in Israel



Naftali Bennett, the Israeli prime minister, announced he would not run in the upcoming elections because his coalition government had fallen apart barely one year after its June 2021 inauguration.

He said in a public address that he would “soon” step down as prime minister and rotate with foreign minister Yair Lapid once the Israeli Parliament votes on Thursday to accept a measure to dissolve itself.

In order to “transfer the post in a professional and orderly manner,” Bennett promised to “continue to assist him as an alternate prime minister.” Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked of Bennett’s pro-settler Yamina party will succeed him as party leader, according to Bennett.

Due to repeated attempts by the opposition, led by outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to topple his government, the departing Israeli leader described the preceding year as “awful” for him and his family.

Eight ideologically disparate parties came together under Bennett’s leadership to form a coalition with the goal of unseating Benjamin Netanyahu, who is now being prosecuted for alleged corruption. Israeli news outlets reported that Bennett was considering running in the forthcoming elections since many of his supporters were pressuring him to do so.