Before you go to bed, make sure to follow this skincare routine


Who doesn’t want to have healthy, clean skin? Girls are the most aware of this issue. If you’ve lost your skin tone and want to restore it, try a skin care routine every night while you sleep. Our skin performs self-repair work at night. The complexion of your face will alter in a few days if you follow the skin care routine every night before sleeping.

Cleanse Your Face: Cleanse your face first. When you get home from work, the first thing you should do is remove your makeup. Following that, you must wash your skin every night before going to bed. This cleanses your skin of contaminants. So, starting today, make it a habit to wash your skin with cold water before going to bed. If you can’t wash your whole body with water, at least wash your face.

Apply a homemade face mask: Lack of moisture in the skin might cause the glow to fade. In this case, you should apply a face mask to your skin on a regular basis. In the summer, sandalwood (Chandan) and multani mitti masks are excellent. You can also use a cucumber mask.

Moisturizer: It is critical to moisturise the skin in order to eliminate dryness. Before retiring to bed, apply cream, lotion, or coconut oil all over your body. Dryness and wrinkles in the skin will be reduced as a result of this treatment.

Take care of your eyes: Nowadays, people work on their laptops and mobile devices all day, therefore eye care is crucial. Use the eyedrops every night before bedtime (after consulting with a doctor). Apply almond oil, olive oil, or night cream to erase dark spots around the eyes.