Before ‘Swayamvar,’ Mika Singh turned down over 100 wedding proposals: ‘It’s horrible when a female comes holding a plate and you tell her…’


Mika Singh, who proudly declares himself a ‘king,’ is ‘confused.’ He is frequently at a fork in the road these days, not because of any of his music albums or Bollywood projects, but because he is looking for a life mate, and he is doing so in a’swayamvar’ presented by Star Bharat. He must choose from a group of 12 attractive women who have travelled from all across the country to be a part of the next television reality show ‘Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti.’

“Saari itni pyaari hain (all of them are very cute),” Mika stated, explaining how tough it is for him to pick the “best” among the 12 girls who have come to court him for marriage.

Mika, who turned 45 on Friday, has spurned down over 100 marriage proposals from his relatives. “I didn’t see any of them because it disgusts me when a girl with a tray approaches you and you tell her you don’t approve of her.” As a result, I fled even before things got to this point. “I rejected myself before rejecting any female,” Mika said at the launch of Star Bharat’s show “Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti.” He also didn’t marry till later because he “wanted to be a vocalist of a specific calibre.” However, the singer of “Saawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag” is now ready to commit to the institution of marriage.
‘Swayamvar’ has never had a joyful ending in its previous seasons. During their ‘Swayamvar’ on national television, none of Rakhi Sawant, Mallika Sherawat, or Ratan Rajput wedded the man they thought was fit to be their life mate. On the show, it was only Rahul Mahajan who married Dimpy Ganguly. His marriage, however, struck rock bottom as well, and the two split after three years.

Mika feels that this isn’t unique to the ‘Swayamvar.’ “Recently, I’ve seen some really good couples break up. 20 saal se jinka pyaar chal raha tha, aaj kal toh vo ek dusre ko chorr rahe hain, aaj kal toh vo ek dusre ko chorr rahe hain, aaj kal toh vo ek dusre ko chorr rahe hain (People who have been together for 20 years are leaving each other). But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of marriage. The way people view partnerships has shifted. They now prioritise having a happy life. “If they don’t think they’re compatible with their relationship, they cheerfully go their separate ways,” Mika explained.

The 45-year-old musician has two requirements for the woman he wants to marry: she must understand his profession and be able to cook. “I’d like my wife to be my boss.” She’ll be in charge of my schedule. Also, she should cook a supper for me at least once every 365 days,” he said. And, if someone needs a reference, he wants his wife to be like Radhika Mukherjee (Shaan’s wife) or Ginni Chatrath (Kapil Sharma’s wife), because they are great life partners for his buddies, according to him.

Not only Mika, but his entire family is looking forward to his wedding. His niece, nephew, and sister were enthralled by the show’s trailer, and his older brother, Daler Mehndi, has requested that he return to Jodhpur with a ‘dulhaniya’ from where the show has been filming for the past month.

“If nothing else, make a girlfriend and offer us some happiness,’ he has always said. ‘Yes, go and iss baar kuch karke aana,’ he said this time (yes, please go and do something this time). To find a life companion, swayamvar se badhiya kya ho sakta hai. Mika asked, “Where else would you find a finer spouse than at a Swayamvar?”

mika singh swayamvar mika singh swayamvar mika singh s Mika Singh with four Swayamvar-Mika Di Vohti participants, as well as vocalists Shaan, Jaspinder Narula, and Bhoomi Trivedi.

Though Mika is looking for a life partner, the show is ultimately a television show that will be adjusted to maximise the entertainment value for viewers. So, how authentic is ‘Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti’? “All reality programmes are real only,” the singer quickly said. “Trust me, I’m doing everything I would have done otherwise on a first date,” he continued. I’m asking a girl all of the questions I’d ask on a first date. It’s not like I started flirting with the ladies right away. “I’m going with my instinct.”

Mika is well-known not only for his music, but also for his extravagant lifestyle, which includes his penchant for partying and having people over virtually every day. In one of the ads for ‘Swayamvar – Mika Di Vohti,’ Kapil Sharma quipped that he wanted Mika to marry since he party too much and disrupts his sleep because the singer is his neighbour. However, the singer will not be celebrating his 45th birthday this year as a homage to the recently deceased musicians KK and Sidhu Moosewala.

“I had great plans for my birthday because I always celebrate it in a big way, but I won’t be celebrating it this year.” When a member of your family passes away, you avoid throwing a party. So, since KK sir and Sidhu Moose Wala died away, I’ve chosen not to celebrate anything,” the singer explained.