At the Mumbai airport, Aryan Khan accepts a crimson rose from a fan; his kind act makes internet users think of his father, Shah Rukh


Aryan Khan, the son of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, has consistently made news despite maintaining a low profile. Months after being detained in the cruise ship drug case, from which he was later exonerated, he recently made an appearance in an advertisement.

Aryan Khan was photographed at the Mumbai airport on Thursday night. The star son was stopped by a fan as he approached the car while wearing a jacket, t-shirt, and black jeans.

He was given a red rose, which he gratefully received. He also thanked the fan and smiled for the gesture. His salutation motion also brought to mind the late Shah Rukh Khan, according to online users. On social media, someone said, “Like father, like son.” Another comment read, “That is so SRK.”

At actor Shruti Chauhan’s birthday party, Aryan recently partied alongside Isabella Kaif, sister of Katrina Kaif, TV actor Karan Tacker, and a few other people. He was, coincidentally, observed wearing the same yellow jacket as he did at the airport last night.

Recently, Aryan Khan participated in an Adidas photo shoot. Shah Rukh added, “Looking really nice!!” to the photos. And it’s said that whatever the father keeps quiet about, the son speaks. Is that grey t-shirt mine, by the way? In response to his father’s remarks, Aryan had joked, “Your genes and T-shirt, haha.”

Sister Suhana and mother Gauri also expressed their affection on the post.