At four o’clock in the afternoon, are you hungry? The greatest and worst evening snacks, according to a nutritionist


Even while our metabolism slows down in the evening, this is also the time of day when we have the highest likelihood of nibbling or indulging in a cheat meal. Many of us adhere to our diets diligently up until noon, but about 4 pm, we start to get the munchies, and we are tempted to eat junk or unhealthy foods because they are readily available, to comfort ourselves after a stressful first half of the workday, or just because we are bored. Therefore, even when we consume nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, what we eat in the evening may have a significant impact on our weight loss journey and be the cause of an unanticipated weight gain.

According to Avantii Deshpaande, a nutritionist and gut health expert, “a major issue faced by most of my customers is that they may follow the diet very well up to midday but at 4 pm snacks is usually when they do tend to go off the board and the entire day’s effort seems to go to waste.”

According to Avantii, one of the numerous reasons why 4 p.m. snacks are unhealthy is boredom, especially when you’re at work and tasty food seems like the ideal break. Many times, however, healthy meal options may not be available, making it easy to choose junk or unhealthy food.

According to the nutritionist, “sometimes you can end up feeling particularly hungry around the 4 pm snack time and this might be a period when you have a big meal keeping the supper light.”

When you are suffering from hunger pangs in the evening, Avantii also recommends the three worst and the two best items to eat as a snack.

Snacks to avoid in the evening
1. Junk food and high-carbohydrate foods

Along with high sugar tea or coffee, junk food like samosas, puffs, or other bakery items are readily available at the tea shops. If you’re at home, you probably choose fried snacks or high-calorie dishes about 4 o’clock. Bakery products contain trans-fat, which raises triglycerides, bad cholesterol, and is a powerful carcinogen. In addition, they have a lot of calories from saturated fats but almost no nutritional value. Even tea-paired fried nibbles like namkeen, wafers, or biscuits are largely nutritionally lacking and heavy in empty calories and fat. Avoiding these around the 4 o’clock snack hour is recommended.

2. Fruits and fruit juices alone

Fruits are naturally nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals. Fruits are high in fructose, a simple sugar, which must not be overlooked. High fructose consumption is known to have an impact on the digestive system and may raise uric acid levels in the body. Fruit and nuts or nut butter go best together. In this manner, the fructose will be absorbed gradually because the nuts’ protein and healthy fats will hasten the process. Making a nut milkshake or pairing fruit with plain yoghurt are alternative ways to eat fruit.

Due to its accessibility or use as a substitute for tea, people frequently only drink fruit juice about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Fruit juice is devoid of fibre and rapidly raises blood sugar levels. Fruits like watermelon also contain sugar. Therefore, it is usually preferable to eat a full fruit with vegetables before making a juice with chia seeds using carrots, watermelon, and spinach.

3. Just coffee and tea

At 4:00 pm, a lot of people drink ordinary tea or coffee. It frequently has the potential to create acidity, especially if it’s strong. In addition, the presence of added sugar in tea and coffee may be another factor raising insulin levels. If so, pair the tea or coffee with healthy snacks like makhanas, khakhras, and almonds. You may even have an open sandwich or a chapati bun with nut butter with this.

SNACKS TO EAT IN THE EVENING 1. A protein-rich snack

Many people wish they could have a large snack and have a light dinner at 4 o’clock because they are so ravenously hungry. This is a truly fantastic concept. At 4 o’clock, you have the option of eating a light lunch or continuing your breakfast options. Make it a point to eat a snack that contains both protein and carbohydrates or just protein. Having egg sandwiches or buns, oats or morning cereal with milk, idli, dosa, or dal dosa are a few examples. Also recommended are sandwiches or paneer parathas.


This is useful if you are unable to have a salad at lunch or are planning to skip it altogether at night. Make sure to include a source of protein in the salad in addition to the vegetables, such as paneer, eggs, soy nuggets, almonds, poultry, or fish. Eat between 250 and 300 grammes of the salad.

“Many people have been engaging in this. When you desire to adhere to this, there is no right or incorrect answer. Just keep these two things in mind: make sure your lunch is well-balanced, and watch out for dinnertime to avoid hypoglycemia or overeating. Many individuals skip the 4 pm snack in favour of lunch and an early dinner, which is a smart move in and of itself. This guarantees that you eat dinner promptly at two o’clock in the evening. But watch that dinner doesn’t start too late “Advantii warns.