As China moves, Taiwan begins a live-fire artillery exercise



TAIPEI: On Tuesday, Taiwan began its routine live-fire artillery drills in retaliation for China’s continuous military manoeuvres close to the island.

According to sources, Taiwan’s defence against an attack by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China is the goal of the Tien Lei drill, also known as a live ammunition artillery practise, which was announced in late July.

It was originally planned to take place this week on Tuesday and Thursday as part of Taiwan’s annual Han Kuang exercises, but it was postponed because of escalating tensions and shortly after China announced it would continue extensive air and sea operations in Taiwan’s north, south, and east after their scheduled end on Sunday. There is still no formal termination date in place.
Taiwanese television reported on Tuesday that flares were fired into coastal areas during a military exercise in Pingtung county in the island’s south, near to a region that the Chinese army had previously designated for its drill.

The Taipei foreign ministry has condemned China’s military operations in close proximity to Taiwan. The Taiwan Strait and the entire region’s status quo are being disrupted, according to Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, who stated this at a news conference.

Beijing’s intensive military exercises, missile launches, and cyberattacks, according to Wu, are all a part of its “military playbook to get ready for Taiwan invasion.

” He said that they were strategies to “weaken public morale” on the island.

China started its military drills on August 2 in response for US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.