Arjun Kapoor Planned Birthday Celebration in Paris with Malaika Arora


Arjun Kapoor is experiencing both professional and personal success. Arjun will be able to work in a variety of genres this year thanks to an intriguing combination of projects. He will appear in the much awaited Ek Villain 2 from Mohit Suri, Kuttey from Aasman Bhardwaj, and The Ladykiller from Ajay Bahl.

Arjun has recently attracted everyone’s attention on a personal level with his remarkable makeover. He’s in the best shape of his life now after losing a lot of weight. Since his early years, Arjun has struggled with obesity, making it difficult for him to maintain his focus on his goals. He has received recognition for normalising body positivity because to his commitment and candour about his fitness journey.

The actor will celebrate his birthday in Paris with his girlfriend Malaika Arora after working nonstop on back-to-back film projects without taking a break.

Arjun hasn’t taken any time off recently, according to a source close to the actor. He has shot for his films back-to-back, and his pursuit of health hasn’t given him much room to relax. Arjun wants to enjoy a calm birthday before starting his vigorous Ek Villain 2 promotion. He and Malaika took a flight to Paris, where they will spend a week together in the most romantic city on earth.

The source continues, “Arjun understands he won’t be able to take a break for many months because he won’t have any downtime between his new film productions, brand obligations, and other endorsement chances. He has also received a number of fresh, intriguing movies, and soon he will decide on a few outstanding endeavours. He is therefore enjoying being in one of his career’s most thrilling stages right now. He merely wished to escape the prying eyes, unwind, and return to the business at hand when he returned to town.