An official was busted in Guwahati while taking a bribe



Guwahati: According to a news statement, an Assam government official has been held by the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (VAC) on bribery suspect.

The statement added, “Shashindra Nath Baishya, Controller of Assam Legal Metrology Service, was caught red-handed on Friday while collecting a bribe of Rs 20,000 from the complainant who wanted to build a shop for selling weights and measures equipment in exchange for giving a licence.”

A complaint claimed that the official from the Assam Legal Metrology Service (ALMS) demanded Rs 25,000 in bribes before approving the complainant’s application for a licence to build a store selling weights and measures equipment.

The investigators allegedly set up a trap in the adjoining office of the Controller of Legal Metrology when the complainant addressed the directorate about not being willing to pay the bribe money.

The ALMS official was exposed, according to the report, as he was taking a Rs 20,000 bribe from the complaint while doing it in his office chamber. The vigilance sleuths caught him and also discovered an additional Rs 3,23,850 in his office, which led to his capture.

The official is the subject of a case, and the necessary legal follow-up action is currently underway, according to the announcement.