An expert debunks four prevalent misunderstandings regarding men’s skincare


Men were excluded from grooming for a very long time until lately, when the skincare business turned its focus to them and created products just for them. There are still a lot of misconceptions about men’s skincare routines and cosmetics, though.

In her most recent Instagram post, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta debunked various myths about men’s skincare and stated that men need to take care of their skin in order to keep it moisturised, increase collagen, and strengthen the skin barrier.

Men’s skincare items serve as a marketing ploy.

They are not, though. Like women’s skin, the skin of men requires proper washing and moisturising. They require skincare products for good skin care and regeneration because their skin is thicker, she wrote.

For guys, plain water is plenty.

The idea that males only require water to wash their faces is untrue. To remove filth and sebum while allowing their pores to breathe, they must wash their faces with a quality cleanser. They should refrain from washing their faces with normal soap, she continued.

Male skin does not age.

Even while males age just as much as women do, they do so a little more slowly. Therefore, men should begin caring for their skin and establishing a decent skincare routine in their 30s in order to delay the onset of ageing.

Men’s skin benefits from daily face washing.

“Repeatedly washing your face won’t make the skin clear. She cautioned that this will instead remove the essential oils from the face, which can cause dryness and irritation.