An enraged adolescent hanged himself over the ‘Agneepath’ plot



Balasore: A man who wished to join the Indian Army hanged himself. Friends and family claim that he committed the act of self-happiness as a result of the Agneepath plan. The man made himself joyful, according to legend, after the army’s written enlistment examination was cancelled. Protests against the national government’s ‘Agneepath’ recruitment scheme have begun in numerous locations across Odisha, including Cuttack. Apart from that, there is widespread opposition to the proposal across the country.

Dhananjay Mohanty, a resident of Tentei village in Balasore district, was trying hard to join the army. He died late on Wednesday night by hanging himself from the ceiling with a rope. Pitabas Raj, Dhananjay’s acquaintance, told reporters that he was a dear friend of his. For the past four years, we have been training to join the army. A year and a half ago, my friend Dhananjay passed the physical fitness test. He was informed that the army would give him a written test.

Corona, on the other hand, caused the written exam to be cancelled multiple times. Because of the Agneepath scam, it was eventually cancelled. According to the buddy, he learned of the suicides of many young people in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Kolkata through a WhatsApp group. Dhananjay’s mental equilibrium was thrown off by all of this, so he made himself pleased last night. Before committing suicide, he sent me a message. “Never vote for this government because you don’t trust it.” The deceased’s father claims that the army cancelled the written examination after the launch of the ‘Agneepath’ scheme, prompting his son to take such action. The family was in mourning as soon as they learned of Dhananjay’s death.