Amarnath deluge: 16 pilgrims have already perished, and nearly 40 are missing



In the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir on Friday night, a significant accident occurred as a result of a cloudburst near the Amarnath cave. The overwhelming rush has carried away a number of believers. 16 deaths have been confirmed thus far. It is estimated that around 45 individuals have been hurt. Additionally, more than 40 persons have vanished. Rescue efforts are being conducted to find them.

Teams from the NDRF and ITBP are present. Rescue and relief efforts went on into into the night. Since Saturday morning, the campaign has once again accelerated. In the rescue effort, search and rescue dogs have also been used. A chopper has transported two search and rescue dogs from Sharifabad to the sacred cave. As a result of the air rescue effort, six pilgrims were rescued this morning. At the Nilagarar helipad are medical teams.

Squads from various organisations and mountain rescue teams are searching for the missing people. Manoj Sinha, the lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir, is always keeping an eye on the situation. The Prime Minister and the Home Minister have also received briefings from him regarding the relief and rescue activities. According to the Lt. Governor, the CRPF, NDRF, SDRF, BSF, Army, local police, and the Shrine Board are all actively engaged in rescue operations. The injured have been evacuated using all available helicopters. He declared that our first objective is saving lives. The pilgrims are to get all required assistance, according to instructions.