Alia Bhatt emerged following her pregnancy announcement, shocking admirers



The last few days have seen a lot of coverage of Alia Bhatt. In fact, her followers have been talking about her ever since she announced her pregnancy. Let me inform you that Alia is currently filming in London for her Hollywood movie, and it is from there that her stunning photo has surfaced. In fact, Alia’s face can be clearly seen glowing in the latest photo as she prepares to become a mummy. Let us inform you that Alia Bhatt is presently filming in London for her movie, and that a photo of her has surfaced from this location.

Yes, and you can see that Manish Malhotra and Karan Johar are pictured with them in this picture. When it comes to Alia’s appearance in this photo, she is sporting a white suit and a pair of black goggles. Yes, and Manish Malhotra also gave Kareena access to his images. Let me inform you that Kareena is currently spending time in London with her family as well. Regarding Alia Bhatt, on April 14 she engaged in seven pheras with actor Ranbir Kapoor. Yes, and Alia just revealed the good news to her admirers two months after getting married.

The fans, on the other hand, are not overjoyed when Alia learns about this news. People are currently impatiently awaiting Ranbir’s adoption of Alia as his child. Regarding their upcoming work, Alia and Ranbir may be seen in the movie “Brahmastra.”