Akal Takht chief stresses on training of ‘conventional and modern weapons’ on the anniversary of Operation Bluestar


Policemen guard a closed market during a strike called by various Sikh organizations to mark the 38th anniversary of Operation Blue Star, in Amritsar on June 6, 2022.

Giani Harpreet Singh says that Sikhs are facing many challenges and efforts are needed to strengthen the religion.
The chief priest of the Akal Takht, the highest temporary seat of the Sikhs, Giani Harpreet Singh, said on Monday that Sikhs are facing many challenges and efforts are needed to strengthen the religion, and urged Sikh organizations to engage in ‘traditional martial arts’ and ‘ To encourage training. Modern weapons’, especially among the youth.

Mr Singh was addressing a gathering of Sikh pilgrims on the 38th anniversary of ‘Operation Bluestar’ in the premises of Golden Temple Complex in Amritsar.

“When India got independence in 1947, the policy of suppressing the Sikhs was started. In India, policies and efforts to suppress the Sikhs on the economic, social, political and religious front began as early as 1947, and the result of such efforts was seen with the attack on the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in the year 1984. . …Today we are facing many challenges which are weakening us on the religious, social and economic fronts. ‘Christianity’ is being heavily promoted in Punjab to weaken us on the religion front – this is a matter of concern for us. I appeal to all eminent people associated with Sikhism to visit the villages, especially the border villages of Punjab (India-Pakistan) and strengthen Sikhism. It’s time to get out of the AC rooms. We need to understand that if we are weak on religion, economic and social fronts then politically we will also be weak and stay away from “Raj”. It is very important for us to strengthen ourselves on the religion front.”

Pointing out that youth are turning to drugs and turning away from education, Mr Singh urged Sikh organizations to focus on training them in ‘traditional martial arts’ forms and set up ‘modern weapons training centres’. requested.

“I would tell Sikh organizations that today the need has arisen to set up ‘gatka’ (a style of fighting with wooden sticks) training centres. Also, there is no harm in setting up modern weapons training centers like shooting ranges. Other people are giving weapons training secretly, but we will not give training secretly, but will give such training openly. Today is the time that we should unite and keep our youth away from drugs and give them arms. Training should be given and they should be strengthened by reading Gurbani…”

On 6 June 1984, the army stormed the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar to drive out extremists led by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. In the city amid calls for ‘Amritsar Bandh’ by radical Sikh organizations on the anniversary of ‘Operation’