Aishwarya Rai’s jewellery was the result of six months of arduous labour by 18 craftspeople



Soon, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be there to party hard. She is actually frequently in the news these days because of her upcoming movie, “Ponniyin Selvan.” Her appearance is a topic of conversation for everyone. She appears quite stunning in the movie, and she actually has a wonderful look. Few people are aware of the effort it has taken to maintain this beauty, though. By the way, Aishwarya is so gorgeous that she looks stunning in any attire, but the movie also brings out more of her beauty. Forth actuality, 18 artisans put in a tonne of effort to create the jewellery that has been used to adorn the actress.

Yes, and their efforts have given the actress’ beauty more glitz. These ornaments were made by 18 artisans under the direction of three designers, according to several media stories that followed this. Yes, these artisans were required to create the jewellery that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore to portray Nandini in the movie. Let us inform you that great effort was taken to ensure that every decoration matches the style of the movie when choosing its design. The Chola Yuga is depicted in the movie for this reason, thus the decorations were chosen with this time period in mind.

We should also mention that Kishandas & Company, a business with its headquarters in Hyderabad, is the maker of these exquisite jewels. Three artisan jewellers were among the designers of the company’s ornaments at the same time. The ornaments were made over the course of around six months, keeping in mind the history. which roughly 18 artisans are named.