AIMPLB advises Muslim scholars to stay away from TV debates that are solely intended to insult Islam


On Friday, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) urged all Islamic academics and intellectuals not to “participate in television debates whose main purpose is to humiliate and denigrate Islam and Muslims.” The statement was made amid nationwide demonstrations following insults made against the Prophet by now-suspended BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma during a television discussion.

According to the AIMPLB statement, rather than serving Islam, Muslims “become the source for their own direct humiliation by involving Islam and Muslims” by participating in such arguments.

“The purpose of these programmes is to mock and slander Islam and Muslims, not to reach any result through meaningful conversation.” These TV channels need Muslim faces in their debates to gain credibility… If we boycott such shows and stations, not only will their TRP suffer, but they will also be unable to achieve their desired outcome through these debates,” according to the statement.

“There are some TV networks that are not carrying out such debates to genuinely comprehend a subject or reach some conclusion,” stated AIMPLB spokesperson Dr S Q R Ilyas. They are being undertaken solely for the purpose of dividing society along communal lines. They frequently insult a particular community, religion, or individual, like in the Nupur Sharma argument. She had insulted not only Indian Muslims, but Muslims all around the world, by insulting the Prophet. As a result, the world community’s retaliation was unavoidable, and it has harmed India’s international image. We believe that by participating in such debates, they (the TV stations and debates) gain respectability, which we will no longer do.”

Ilyas stated that the board has already remarked on the Nupur Sharma affair, stating that the BJP’s suspension was not “adequate action.”

“Legal action should be done against those party members who were responsible.” Legal action is being taken against demonstrators who are denouncing their remarks, but no legal action is being done against individuals who made the offensive remarks. We’ve also inquired as to why the Prime Minister or the Home Minister have made no remark or answer on the subject. ‘Why are they so quiet?’ Ilyas wondered.