After Virat Kohli’s latest failure against England, fans’ rage broke out on social media



Virat Kohli, a former captain of the Indian cricket team, has yet again fallen short. The Indian cricket team batted first in the Edgbaston Test, and their situation deteriorated right away. The run machine, Virat Kohli, was also dismissed for just 11 runs in this crucial Test match, demonstrating his shortcomings. Because of Virat Kohli’s long history of failure, his supporters have become increasingly enraged with him.

Numerous responses have been flooding in since Virat Kohli was fired on social media. Virat Paaji is not playing in line with your name, according to posts on social media. We were looking forward to your 100, but at Edgbaston, you let us down once more. Virat Kohli is an overrated player, according to several fans who posted on Twitter. It has been 950 days since Virat Kohli’s bat reached a century, according to the supporters. Similar remarks were flooding Twitter in a frenzy.

Please inform us that Virat Kohli only scored 11 runs in the first Edgbaston Test inning. Matthew Potts, a teenage cricketer for England, claimed his wicket by grabbing the edge of Virat Kohli’s bat, causing the ball to go straight into the stumps. Regarding Virat Kohli, he hasn’t been able to perform any extraordinary feats during this series. In five Test matches, Virat has scored only 229 runs. Since 2019, Virat Kohli has failed to record a century in an international cricket match.