After the wedding, the bride went away with her sister-in-law, and the whole thing will blow your mind



Many terrible examples have recently come to light. The case of Pushkar in Rajasthan has just come to light. A few days after the wedding, the new bride and her underage sister-in-law fled to this location. In this case, it is said that Pooja, a 25-year-old resident of Jumma Ramgarh in Jharkhand, married Yatu Srivastava, a 28-year-old resident of Panch Kund Road in Pushkar, on May 27. In reality, for Yatu’s wedding, the family has been in contact with mediator Pankaj Kumar for the past four months, and Pankaj Kumar is also from Jharkhand. Pankaj received up to 3 lakh 50 thousand rupees from the Srivastava family for his wedding costs. Following that, the wedding was held with great fanfare.

When husband Yatu went off for work a few days after the wedding, on June 10, the bride took her 13-year-old sister-in-law out of the house without alerting her and did not return. While leaving, she locked her mother-in-law Shashibala and her father-in-law Dayaprakash in the room. Father-in-law When they examined the residence, they discovered 5 Tolas of gold jewellery, a mobile phone, and a camera that had been handed to the bride during the wedding had gone missing. The family searched for the daughter-in-law and daughter themselves first, and when none of them could be discovered, the father-in-law filed a report with the Pushkar police station. “CCTV footage of the vicinity was scanned to hunt for the bride’s Pooja and sister-in-law,” said ASI Amarchand of the Pushkar police station. Photographs are also being used for interrogation at the Pushkar bus station and the Ajmer railway station. Pooja and her sister-in-law have gone for Jharkhand, according to the police investigation so far.”

In addition, Jumma Ramgarh police have been approached about the case by Pushkar police. The probe is currently continuing, according to reports. The groom is also reported to be paralysed, according to reports. He is unable to hear or speak. As a result, the Srivastava family made contact with Pankaj Kumar in order to marry him. Pankaj had opted to marry Pooja’s sister-in-law and acquaintance Urmila, a Jharkhand resident, and the Srivastava family has now appealed to the local administration and police to ensure the safety of their 13-year-old daughter. Only after getting the bride Pooja will we know if she has gone away or if there is something else going on.