After the ‘death of the dog,’ Modi will now die the ‘death of Hitler,’ according to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi



New Delhi: Congress leader Subodh Kant Sahai has made a divisive allegation against Prime Minister Narendra Modi by comparing him to Adolf Hitler, the German dictator. During his protest against the Agneepath scheme, Subodh Kant Sahai said that if PM Modi continues on Hitler’s path, he will die Hitler’s death. “Hitler had also formed a similar organisation, whose name was Khaki, he had created this institution from among the army,” the Congress leader stated in opposition to the Agneepath. “Modi will travel the path of Hitler, then Hitler’s death will die.” ‘Keep this in mind, Modi.’

Subodh Kant Sahai had stated that the BJP has completed the task of destabilising our two-two-three-three-three elected administrations. Modi, who came in as Madari, has established himself as a total dictator in this country. I believe it has eclipsed Hitler’s entire career. Subodh Kant Sahai, on the other hand, quickly clarified his provocative statement. If Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister, he believes his policies will be questioned.

“Narendra Modi tera hi haate hoga, just like the death of a dog, such narendra modi will die,” congress leader Sheikh Hussain had warned earlier, in response to Rahul Gandhi’s questions in the National Herald case. I might get a thousand emails about it, but we don’t care. We’ve been fighting and will keep fighting.’