After shoes were thrown, a Rajasthani minister attacked Sachin Pilot, saying, “If he becomes CM…


Former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot was the target of a vicious attack from Rajasthan’s sports minister Ashok Chandna on Monday after it was claimed that Pilot’s followers threw shoes at a large gathering where both BJP and Congress officials were present.

The minister tweeted, “I do not feel like fighting today. The day I come to fight, then just one will be left and I do not want this. If Sachin Pilot becomes the chief minister by throwing a shoe at me, then he should be made soon.”

The incident with the thrown shoes happened at a ceremony to commemorate the burial of Colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla, a leader of the Gurjar community in Rajasthan who led multiple campaigns for reservation in public employment and educational settings.

Pilot, who is a member of the Gurjar community, was not present. Afraid that the former deputy chief minister had not been invited to the event, Pilot’s supporters in the crowd began shouting “Sachin Pilot Zindabad” as soon as Congress leaders took the stage. Some of them even threw shoes at the stage, according to PTI. The shoes missed the dais and did not make contact with anyone.

To get the situation under control, police had to be called.

“Today a great spectacle was seen- When Rajendra Rathod, (then cabinet member) who ordered the assassination of 72 persons walked on the stage, was applauded and shoes were thrown at those whose family members went to jail during the “Gurjar reservation” struggle,” Chandna tweeted after the incident.

In a subsequent tweet, he stated that “the family members of the martyrs were sitting on the platform on which the shoes were hurled, at least they should have been taken care of.”