After receiving backlash for his comments on Agniveers, BJP’s Kailash Vijayvargiya blames the ‘toolkit gang.’


If he were to hire a security for his party office in Indore, BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya remarked on Sunday that he would prefer to hire an Agniveer. After the remark drew widespread condemnation, including from his own party’s MP Varun Gandhi, he sought to clarify the comments and blamed the “toolkit gang.”

When Vijayvargiya was asked about the violent protests around the country demanding the reversal of the Centre’s Agnipath plan, he was appearing at a press conference organised ahead of the state’s impending local body elections. According to the BJP leader, people who are not maintained in service after four years will receive many perks under the scheme.

“In the armed forces, discipline and following commands are critical… If he (Agniveer) joins the armed forces at the age of 21, he will be 25 when he quits. He’ll have Rs 11 lakh in his pocket. He’ll also wear the Agniveer medal around his neck.”

“If I have to engage someone for security for the BJP office here,” he said, “I will prefer a ‘Agniveer.'”

BJP MP Varun Gandhi reacted angrily to Vijayvargiya’s remarks. “The magnificent army, whose heroic tales even the entire dictionary is insufficient to tell, whose heroism resonates around the world; an invitation to that Indian soldier to do ‘Chowkidari’ of a political post, congratulations to the person who provided it,” Gandhi said on Twitter. “Indian Army is a channel of service to Mother Bharati, not merely a ‘work,” he continued.

Vijayvargiya accused the ‘toolkit gang’ of attempting to twist his statement and denigrate the country’s workers shortly after. “What I clearly meant was: Agniveer who came out of the Agnipath Yojana will undoubtedly be taught and committed to duty, and his excellence will be used in whichever area he goes after his service in the Army,” he stated. “The nation is well aware of this toolkit gang’s plots against national heroes,” Vijayvargiya said.