After a barricade falls during a concert, Armaan Malik checks on the audience almost getting hurt


Singer Last night at a concert, Armaan Malik was waving to supporters when a barricade fell, almost injuring him. Fortunately, nobody was wounded, and his security team moved quickly to keep him safe and put up the barricade once more. Armaan questioned if everyone was all right after returning to the stage.

“The barrier issue at tonight’s concert was really terrifying, but other than that, the show went well and was a lot of fun,” he posted on Twitter in reference to the incident. I sincerely hope everyone here is okay and secure. He added, “I am okay, don’t worry,” to another tweet.

Fans referred to him as “pure,” and one of them wrote: “He tried to hold the blockade to save them even though he knew that it could hurt him too; he asked them, “Are you guys okay?” You must safeguard him at all costs since he is so clean. “I can’t believe how he ran towards the barrier to keep it up,” a another person commented. If his team hadn’t snatched him up, he would still be there to support it! What a powerful, wise, and selfless man! Godspeed, Armaan. Thank God you are unharmed. “I keep watching this over and over and marvelling at this young, muscular man,” a third wrote. Wow @ArmaanMalik22, thanks to your generosity and timely action, you’ve won me over once more! Be careful! Undoubtedly, someone is keeping an eye on you.

Following KK’s passing a few weeks prior, Armaan tweeted about his experience at Indian concerts, emphasising the need for improved management of them to ensure the safety of both the on-stage performer and the crowd. “Concerts in India need better mgmt (management), medical & emergency facilities,” he wrote in one of his tweets. I’ve witnessed and participated in far too many performances that don’t provide the ideal surroundings for us to perform in. Being the artists that we are, however, we continue to perform because we don’t want to let our supporters down.