After 24 years, an adopted daughter killed her parents



Lucknow: In the gruesome killings of a husband and wife in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, police have discovered a significant discovery. Their own daughter, who the couple had adopted 24 years before, and her lover both committed their murders. The murder was allegedly motivated by a desire to acquire property, some of which the two intended to give to their daughter-in-law. Because of her rage, the daughter killed them.

In actuality, Kanpur’s Barra police have detained daughter Komal alias Akanksha for the murder of her parents. Having no daughters of his own, the dead Munnalal adopted Komal from his relative Chhotelal 24 years prior. The situation was excellent. Anup, the late Munnalal’s son, and his wife Sonika got into a fight in the interim.

Sonika brought a dowry case. Sonika’s family wanted Rs 50 lakh, but Munnalal was prepared to make a concession by offering cash only in part. Munnalal had a small bank account and his own home. In order to live happily with her sweetheart, Komal want all of this wealth and money. So, Komal and her boyfriend Rohit came up with a plan to murder her parents. Both suspects have been detained by police.