Additionally, the “opposition” to Agnipath turned out to be a plot! Youth applications broke all records


On Tuesday, the registration process for the Indian Air Force under the Agnipath programme introduced by the Modi administration at the Center came to an end. The applicants have broken all records amidst disputes and criticism. Under the programme, 7.5 lakh young people have filed for recruitment into the Air Force. Please inform us that the registration procedure began on June 24, 10 days after the centre launched the Agnipath programme.

The Indian Air Force reports that the Agnipath initiative this year has surpassed the previous record of 6,31,528 applications submitted during any recruitment procedure. There have been 7,49,899 applications submitted in all. On Tuesday, the IAF tweeted, “The IAF’s online registration process for the #AgnipathRecruitmentScheme has been finished. 7,49,899 applications have been received this time around compared to 6,31,528 last time. The highest number is this one.

There have been so many applications despite protests against the Agnipath plan being organised around the nation. Let us know that Rahul Gandhi, the previous leader of the Congress, the nation’s oldest political party, has vehemently opposed the plan and demanded that the centre halt it. The world-record application demonstrates that the resistance to the programme was strictly political and had nothing to do with youth.