According to studies, prone is the best sleeping position for the COVID-19 cough


It takes a lot of effort to recover from Covid-19 because the illness drains all of the body’s energy. During the healing process, one may have symptoms or episodes of a dry cough. Cough is the most prevalent symptom within the range of symptoms that the many Covid-19 versions present.

Sometimes the problem gets so bad that the cough makes it difficult to fall asleep. This may result in additional complications and set off conditions that have a harmful impact on the body. Some sleeping postures allow you to kill two birds with one stone by simultaneously relieving your cough and promoting sleep.

When discussing sleeping positions that relieve coughing, inclined postures are the first to be discussed. According to studies reported in the National Library of Medicine, sleeping pronely (on your stomach) promotes improved lung expansion. The evacuation of fluid that has accumulated in the lungs may be aided by this expansion. Additionally, it maintains a better ventilation of the respiratory system.

The prone position serves as the foundation for several variations of sleeping positions that can alleviate your persistent post-COVID cough. These variations include, among others, lying on your stomach with hands under your chest and another pillow under your pelvis or abdomen for support.

It is also suggested that you avoid lying on your back while in bed and instead choose to lie on your side. The accumulation of mucus in the throat region is thought to be a result of resting on one’s back.

Other ingestible medications, such as honey, ginger, and tulsi leaves, which are very effective for wet cough, can also be used to treat dry cough. If you have a dry cough, you should attempt to avoid using these medicines.