According to an expert, these four skincare products are not worth the hype: Learn what they are


Depending on your skin type and texture, skincare is a process of trying out various products to see which ones work best for you. And while there are numerous products on the market that could actually help you, there are also some that don’t work or could even harm your skin.

Dr. Aarthi, a consultant dermatologist, dermato-surgeon, and aesthetic dermatologist, listed some of these goods on Instagram and claimed that four highly publicised skincare products were not as effective as claimed in a video. These consist of topical tranexamic acid, activated charcoal, acne wipes, facial washes, and acne wipes.

1. Charcoal, activated

The expert claims that by removing oil, dirt, and dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, activated charcoal aids in skin cleaning. She added that using charcoal products might actually make your face worse in the caption, “It can also temporarily decrease the look of pores for smoother-looking skin.”

“Some masks and facial cleansers might lead to hyperpigmentation and dryness. Also possible is a resurgence of your acne.

Wipes for acne

Dr. Aarthi advised against using these since “certain wipes might induce redness and even pustules in the skin that can resemble acne but are actually an irritating reaction to some of the chemicals in the wipes.” Avoid using wipes, especially if you are receiving laser or active treatment.

3. Robes

According to the expert, scrubs can change the pH of the skin and, if used excessively, can cause pustular acne, irritant-contact dermatitis, and acute irritation.

4. Transexamic acid for topical use

I adore oral tranexamic acid because it treats pigmentation so well. I did not notice a significant difference despite the overstatement of topical treatments,” she said.

However, you can test out these products on your own to determine if they are effective. Consult a dermatologist if they irritate you in any way.