According to Amber Heard’s attorney, she is “desperate”



The Aquaman actress has been working tirelessly to disprove this ever since the decision in the purported defamation case was made public, according to a statement made by Johnny Depp’s attorney in response to the latest developments in the Amber Heard case. She is appealing the decision and cross-examining the jury as part of her efforts to have the case retried.

According to some recent accounts, Heard claimed that one of the jury members was not who he claimed to be. Her attorneys demanded a fresh trial on the grounds that it jeopardised the weeks-long public case.

Heard’s defence team asserted that a 77-year-old man who resides in Virginia at an unspecified location was given a summons for jury service. However, a 52-year-old unnamed local resident with the identical last name and residence was allegedly selected in its stead after showing up for jury service. The actress’ defence team thinks the court ought to declare a mistrial and order a fresh trial in light of this information.

As a response, Johnny Depp’s lawyer submitted a document claiming that “Ms. Heard cited no case law to support her argument that Juror 15 would serve, if not the same person.” appointed as Court Juror 15, somehow compromised his right to due process, and would therefore necessitate the drastic action of “setting aside the verdict and ordering a fresh trial,” according to Variety.

“Ms. Heard’s frantic demand for a probe into Juror 15 based on an alleged inaccuracy in her date of birth after the incident is baseless,” Johnny Depp’s attorneys stated. As part of the counterclaim, Amber Heard received $2 million, while the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was awarded damages totaling $10.35 million. But it’s no secret that he lacks the resources to make such a large payment; her estimated net worth is only $8 million. Depp, who was focusing more on his music before going back to acting, was recently claimed to have made fun of Amber in one of his new songs.

In this instance, it has been established in the Virginia Court that Amber Heard’s accusations against her ex-husband Jhonny Depp were untrue and untrue, and that she also fabricated the amount she was supposed to receive as part of the divorce settlement. He didn’t even provide the NGOs that sum, as he had promised.