Aamir Liaquat’s body will be removed when the grave is dug up, and a post-mortem will be performed…, according to his wife, this is against Sharia law



After digging the grave, Aamir Liaquat’s body will be removed, and a post-mortem will be performed…, his wife claims That this is against Sharia Islamabad: Amir Liyaqat, a well-known TV personality and Member of Parliament in Pakistan, has had a life as tainted by controversy as his death. Liaquat’s death has sparked a lot of conjecture. A Pakistani court has now ordered that Amir Liyaqat’s body be postmortem. Liaquat’s body will be dug up in order to accomplish this.

Last Monday, a judicial magistrate in the East issued an order in response to a plea submitted by Abdul Ahad. According to the appeal, a post-mortem examination on Aamir Liyaqat’s body is required to determine the cause of his death. The court then ordered a post-mortem examination on Amir Liyaqat’s body. The court’s ruling has received a lot of criticism. It is opposed by a number of Pakistani celebrities. Ushna Shah, a Pakistani actress, was among those who rejected the postmortem of Aamir Liaquat’s body.

“Taking the corpse out of the grave will only cause extra anguish to their children,” Ushana remarked in a tweet. They’ve already been through a lot. At the same time, Pakistan’s well-known actress Bushra Ansari spoke out against the court’s decision. He has released a video in which he blames Liyaqat’s death on social media abuse. In his tweet, Ansari stated that social media is one of the most powerful powers. In response to the court order, he stated that persons who have been estranged from society should not be humiliated excessively. Aamir Liaquat’s children are going through a lot right now, and they shouldn’t be mistreated any longer.

Waseem Badami, a Pakistani TV presenter, expressed his displeasure with the court’s decision to conduct a postmortem on Aamir Liaquat. After a magistrate’s order, Liyaqat was buried without a post-mortem, according to Badami. Don’t cause any more harm to their children. Let us remind you that Liaqat’s first wife, Syeda Bushra Iqbal, was opposed to his postmortem from the start, but she is in in a difficult position as a result of the court’s judgement. Bushra Iqbal took to Twitter to ask Aamir’s fans for their thoughts on his postmortem. They have raised concerns about the removal of Liyaqat’s body from the grave for a postmortem in a tweet.

He’s also asked people calling for Liaquat’s postmortem where he was when Aamir was going through a rough patch. According to Bushra Iqbal, sharia law prohibits body pruning. I’m sorry to inform you that Aamir Liyaqat passed away on June 9th. Cardiac arrest was given as the cause of death. Despite the police’s assurances that a postmortem would be performed on his strange death, his family had objected. Liyaqat’s three failed marriages and divorces had been a source of continual controversy. Dania Shah, the third begum of Liaquat, 49, had filed for divorce this year, alleging significant wrongdoing.