A nutritionist explains the dangers of drinking too much black coffee when fasting


Intermittent fasting is touted as one of the most effective weight-loss methods. A person must adhere to a strict eating schedule in order to lose weight, which includes fasting for 8 or 16 hours. When it comes to losing weight quickly, the weight loss diet is claimed to be effective. During a fast, a person is permitted to ingest liquids that aid in the body’s energy production without increasing calorie intake. Black coffee is one such liquid that is allowed during intermittent fasting. Black coffee is said to be quite effective at giving the body energy. However, nutritionist Lovneet Batra offers some suggestions for you to consider when drinking coffee during intermittent fasting.

“When done correctly, intermittent fasting is connected to potential health benefits, such as enhanced digestion, metabolism, and cell functioning,” Lovneet says. However, I frequently see people overdosing on caffeine during fasting hours in an attempt to suppress hunger and improve “energy.” To be fair, Intermittent Fasting allows you to sip black coffee. However, having “too much caffeine” in the form of coffee is not recommended.”

She has sent warnings to various groups about drinking too much coffee during the fasting period.

Caffeine, according to nutritionists, might raise the acidic pH in the stomach if you are already acidic. Coffee has several ingredients that aggravate the body’s ‘GRED symptoms.’
Coffee is thought to increase anxiety symptoms and make us more vulnerable to panic attacks.
Coffee should be avoided during the fasting period if you have a pre-existing cardiac ailment, high blood pressure, or a fast heart rate.
Women with hormonal imbalances should avoid coffee since it can cause “an imbalance in oestrogen metabolites” by disrupting the estrogen-to-progesterone ratio.
“Coffee affects the absorption of levothyroxine, which is used in thyroid treatments,” Lovneet says.
Caffeine in excess is also reported to cause digestive problems and speed up bowel movements.