A dermatologist debunks common misconceptions about hair loss and offers management advice


Both men and women frequently experience hair loss. It can occur for a variety of reasons, such as stress, pollution, poor diet, and neglected hair care. Many turn to homemade treatments and solutions that can really end up doing more damage than good to stop the same.

As a result, dermatologist Dr. Aanchal Panth recently dispelled a few untrue notions about hair loss. She also revealed “what really aids in managing hair fall.”

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Myth: Oil massage prevents hair loss

According to Dr. Panth, oil massage can not prevent hair loss even though it might be soothing and ease stress.

*Myth: Hair loss is controlled by anti-hair fall shampoo

Fact: You need to quit using anti-hair fall shampoos right away if you still do. Shampoos don’t include any components that can stop hair loss. Only the scalp may be cleaned, she remarked.

*Myth: You shouldn’t shampoo to stop hair loss

Fact: Many people find that shampooing their hair causes hair to come out, so they avoid it. However, it is crucial to maintain a clean scalp. Therefore, the dermatologist advised that you wash your hair frequently.

hair loss and curd Curd can aid in dandruff management, but it cannot stop hair loss. (Source: Thinkstock/Getty Images)
**Myth: Use of onion juice to treat hair loss

Application of onion juice, one of the most frequently advised treatments, does not, in fact, stop hair loss. “There is no scientific proof that onion juice prevents hair loss.”

Lemon and curd are myths.

Fact: Lemon should never be consumed if you have dandruff, although curd may assist.

Homemade masks are a myth

It’s crucial to understand that homemade masks have no effect on hair fall if you enjoy DIY hair care. Masks only assist in nourishing hair strands and enhancing the quality of inch-long hair, she claimed.

Biotin supplement is a myth

Contrary to popular assumption, very few people are deficient in biotin. So, using biotin supplements won’t stop hair loss.

hair loss To stop hair loss, one must eat a nutritious diet. (Source: Thinkstock/Getty Images)
Myth of the hair cut

According to Dr. Panth, getting a haircut has very little effect on hair loss. “Hair fall will be less noticeable if you cut your hair short because longer strands attract more attention.”

Hair spa is a myth

The deep conditioning of hair strands is what a hair spa does. It will give the hair a brief appearance of shine, but it has no effect on hair fall, she said.

Applying peptide serum twice day is required. Using minoxidil lotion can help reduce hair thinning. Eating a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is advised. Regular exercise and de-stressing are also recommended.