A debut for Farhan Akhtar was made in Ms. Marvel episode 4



In Miss Marvel, the one actor that Indian fans have likely been hoping to see for a very long time has made a cameo. I’m referring to Farhan Akhtar. Fans have been anticipating Farhan’s appearance in Miss Marvel ever since hearing the announcement of his admission into the MCU. The fourth episode of the series put an end to this wait.

In the fourth Miss Marvel episode, Farhan Akhtar makes a stunning debut. Additionally, he has been spotted as an action avatar. In this episode, Kamala Khan and her mother Muniba (Zenobia Shroff) travel to Karachi, Pakistan, after receiving a call from her maternal grandmother. Kamala has also visited the train station where her father Hasan (Fawad Khan) and maternal grandmother Sana (Pakistani actress Samina Ahmed) boarded the final train to Karachi during the partition of India and Pakistan. Kamala met Karim, aka Red Dagger, in the interim (Aramis Knight).

Let me tell you that Walib (Farhan Akhtar), the partner Karim is taking Kamala to, has informed him that his abilities are distinct from those of other jinns or Clandestine. On the other hand, Najma (Nimra Bucha) and her companions also arrived in Karachi, which led to a fantastic battle scene that we could all enjoy. Despite having a little part in this episode, Farhan Akhtar makes a tremendous impression. You will also see Pakistani actor Fawad Khan in this episode of Miss Marvel, although his role is so brief that you can miss him if you are not paying attention.