A 20-year-old woman was raped after being held captive for six months



Lucknow: On Thursday, a case of rape involving a 20-year-old girl was made public in Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh (June 30, 2022). A report has been made by the victim at the Majhagawan police station. In accordance with the allegation, the girl’s neighbour Zakir and his two helpers kidnapped her, held her hostage for six months, and sexually assaulted her. The woman claims that Zakir was pressuring her to change her religion in order to convert to Islam.

The victim, who is 20 years old, is said to be a native of Majhagawan village in the Rath tehsil in the Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh. She abruptly vanished from her home about six months ago, then showed up back there yesterday. When the girl got home, she told her family members about the entire episode. She then made a complaint against Zakir and his two associates Chandu and Sagir Mohammad to the police, accompanied by her family. The victim has accused the three suspects of kidnapping, mistreating, taking advantage of, and forcing them to convert to Islam.

The victim revealed to her family how Zakir and his two companions, Chandu and Sagir Mohammad, had drugged her to the point of unconsciousness before sexually assaulting her. She was then abandoned in an unconscious state in Gurugram. She was confined to a room there. Zakir repeatedly had sex with the young woman during these six months while also pressuring her to convert to Islam. If she refused, he also threatened to murder her and beat her. According to the article, the victim’s family members filed a missing person complaint with the Majhagawan police about six months ago, when she vanished from her house. According to Pandhari Saroj, the in-charge of the Majhagawan police station, a case has been filed, but an investigation won’t start until the victim’s medical examination is finished.