A 16-year-old gaming addict kills his mother in Lucknow and hides her body for two days

crime scene do not cross
crime scene do not cross

A 16-year-old child video-game addict kills his mother in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, in yet another incidence. He uses his father’s licenced pistol to shoot his mother in the head. He was forbidden from playing a mobile game by his mother. The child hides his mother’s body for two days and covers the stench with air freshener.

After a heated disagreement over a game that he used to play frequently, the adolescent murdered his mother in the early hours of Sunday with his father’s licenced handgun, according to Lucknow police.

Officials say the woman was shot in the head and died shortly after.

After that, he hid his mother’s body and spent two days at home with his 9-year-old sister. According to authorities, the child used a room freshener to mask the bad odour.

The youngster had threatened his sister with dire consequences if she told anybody about the alleged crime.

Initially, the youngster concocted a lie and told his father that the mother had been shot to death by an electrician who had come to the house to do some work.

His father is a member of the Army, and he is currently stationed in West Bengal.

“He told the same narrative to the cops.” However, after further investigation, we discovered that this was a complete fabrication. SM Qasim Abidi, a top Lucknow police official, said, “We then brought the child into jail.”

Mr Abidi claimed the adolescent admitted to the crime later during a police interrogation, and that an investigation is ongoing.