500 websites in India have been compromised in a cyber attack



On Tuesday, India was hit by a huge cyber attack. More than 500 of the country’s portals have been compromised. There are 70 websites in total, including the Maharashtra Police Department’s portal. The government is represented by three of them. The crime has been linked to Malaysian and Indonesian hackers.

“We have restored numerous portals,” Madhukar Pandey, ADG, Maharashtra Cyber Cell, said. Many restoration projects are currently underway. Following the hacking of private university portals, more than 70 state websites were targeted. Three of them had official status. The number of people who have accessed the compromised portal exceeds 500.

Several cyber hackers carried out the attack collectively, according to ADG Pandey, amid the country’s growing communal tensions. Many websites in the country have been hacked. In the lawsuit, hackers from two nations, Malaysia and Indonesia, are mentioned. We have yet to learn whether or whether this group is active in India. The police website was hacked at roughly 4 a.m. today, according to Sunil Lokhande, DCP Cyber Cell, Thane Police. The data and website have been restored by technical professionals. The situation is still being investigated. The Maharashtra Home Department has directed the state’s cyber squad to investigate the hacking of government portals and other websites. The hacking of Thane police’s portal has also prompted an investigation.